Ancillary / Auxiliary factory Buildings:

Ancillary / Auxiliary factory Buildings can be built in the empty space available at either “South” or “West” side of the industrial plot. But it should be ensured that the walls of the Ancillary building does not touch the walls of the main factory building / shed. At the same time one should ensure that sufficient space is left free on the “North side of the Ancillary building.

Also the Ancillary building should be in line with either south wall or West wall of the main building.

Plant tall trees in the empty space available on the South & Western side of the main factory.

Small plants and Grass lawns can be planted or built on the East & South side of the main factory.

At Northeast side NO plants must be planted.

Vehicle parking can be built on Northeast part of the factory site. However Heavy vehicles can be parked on Northwest side. But vehicles must be parked facing either East or North direction.
Transformer Yard & Power House:

For Industries built facing either East or North, the transformer yard & Power house must be located on Southeast side. Similarly for industries facing south or west, the transformer yard shall be at North-west Corner.

Should be built leaving 4 feet (Four ft) distance from north boundary wall and preferably at west side - northwest corner.
Labour Quarters:

Should be built leaving 4 feet (Four) distance from north boundary wall and preferably at west side Vayu corner. Care should be taken not to construct the quarters in South--east Corner as this will lead to work disruptions and labour unrest/ disputes.
Comfort Rooms / Toilets:

Bathrooms & toilets can be built in Agni corner or Vayu corner but never in southwest corners. Toilets should not be constructed at lower elevations (i.e.) lower than the ground plinth level. Toilets should be constructed at elevated - raised platform level. Care must be taken to ensure that the toilet seat should be placed in such a way that the person sitting and using the commode / basin shall face Southeast direction.

Main Door should be in an auspicious location (i.e) in “Labh” direction.

Expansion of Main factory building should not be in the “Asubh” direction.

Plant Goods & finished Stocks whenever stocked n any room should be stored in South-west , West and south side of the factory. No stocks should be kept close to or adjacent to the walls on the northeast, east and North side walls.

Spares & Goods Stock can be kept in southwest side at elevated levels or on raised platforms.