Vastu for Hotels & Restaurant Building

  • The building layout should be a square or rectangular dimension.
  • Hotel main entrance positioned in upper side.
  • You should construct the kitchen in Agni or Vayu corner and especially the kitchen in Vayu corner would bring constant food sales throughout the year.
  • The Restaurant tables are facing the east or west direction.
  • You must build the hotel owner's office room in the southwest direction.
  • You should position your reception in east Ishaanya, north Ishaanya, south southeast or west of the northwest in higher altitude.
  • You can construct your electrical rooms, Transformers, Boilers, and Generators in Agni or Vayu Corner.
  • Also, construct your Hotel room doors in higher altitude. The headrest position of beds is in the western side. Bathroom and Toilets are in Vayu or Agni Corner.