Sceptic Tank in Industry

  1. The sceptic tank should be placed at half the length of the north compound wall on the open ground.
  2. Or the sceptic tank can be placed at half the length of the east compound wall on the open ground.
  3. There should not be any well or bore well near the sceptic tank.
  4. It should be placed at a distance of two to three feet from the north or east compound walls and not very close to these walls.
  5. If the sceptic tank is to be placed near the north boundary wall it should be constructed in east to west position. If placed near the east boundary wall, it should be built in south to north position.

Rain water flow

The rain water should flow to the north-east corner and hence the terrace above or open land should be made to slope towards the north-east direction. The rain water can also be made to flow from the north midway towards the east and from the east of the building midway towards the north.

Overhead Tanks

The south- west direction is the best location for overhead water tanks. The next suitable direction for it is the south and the west. It should not be placed in any direction other than these. The water flowing from the motor should fall into the tank from the south-west, south or west direction. The water outlet, in case of overflow of the tank, should be placed in the north-east, north or east direction.

Vastu for Porch Buildings

In case porches have to be constructed at lower elevations, make sure that they are raised on the west and lowered towards east. Alternatively they can be raised from south to north. (i.e) raised on south side and downward slope can be towards north.