Vastu for Porch Buildings

In case porches have to be constructed at lower elevations, make sure that they are raised on the west and lowered towards east. Alternatively they can be raised from south to north. (i.e) raised on south side and downward slope can be towards north.

The layout of rooms in an industry

All rooms should either be square or rectangle in shape.

Say you make the rooms in the shape of a circle, octagonal shape, at an angle or in the shape of a star to state a few examples. Do not set the rooms in shapes thinking that it will be unique and different from the usual layouts. You will lose your peace of mind.

room layout

The entrance to the rooms should be at the auspicious section (labha direction) of the rooms.

If a raised porch-like structures (thinnai) needs to be constructed within the industrial building then they should be built towards the south, south-west or west direction of the wall.

  • First South-west
  • Secondly, West
  • Thirdly, South

If within a room a hollow space or hole is needed it should be placed at the north, north-east or east direction.

  • First north-east
  • Secondly East
  • Thirdly North

One should avoid placing machines in the north-east (ishaniyam) portion of the rooms.