The layout of rooms in an industry

All rooms should either be square or rectangle in shape.

Say you make the rooms in the shape of a circle, octagonal shape, at an angle or in the shape of a star to state a few examples. Do not set the rooms in shapes thinking that it will be unique and different from the usual layouts. You will lose your peace of mind.

room layout

The entrance to the rooms should be at the auspicious section (labha direction) of the rooms.

If a raised porch-like structures (thinnai) needs to be constructed within the industrial building then they should be built towards the south, south-west or west direction of the wall.

  • First South-west
  • Secondly, West
  • Thirdly, South

If within a room a hollow space or hole is needed it should be placed at the north, north-east or east direction.

  • First north-east
  • Secondly East
  • Thirdly North

One should avoid placing machines in the north-east (ishaniyam) portion of the rooms.

Vastu tips for northwest corner

In any factory the ground elevation of free space or empty space available on the northwest should be higher than Northeast corner.

At the same time the ground level or ground elevation should not be more than southwest and southeast corners.

There should not be any depression or pits dug near the north-west direction.

Vastu tips for Southeast corner

At southeast corners NO pits, sumps, septic tank, storage tanks, Bore well or any installations shall be done below the ground level in pits.

Power room, Generator rooms, Main Switch boards, Boilers , Furnaces and allied equipment can be installed here in Southeast corner.

In the empty space available at the eastern side of main factory building, power rooms and generators rooms can be constructed in line with south wall but not on south side. These branch off rooms for power and generator is to be constructed in such a way that on the west of these rooms the empty space available between eastern side wall of main building and west side wall of this building should be less and the space between east wall of this branch-off buildings and east boundary wall should be more. These rooms can constructed complying to the above requirement.

On southeast corner if any empty space or unused land is available, care should be taken to ensure that No roof work is carried connecting east & south boundary walls.

Heaps & crests on southwest ( Unlevelled area)

In a factory on southwest corner there should be NO pits, sumps, septic tank, storage tanks, Bore well etc. If they are there they should be filled with sand and closed. Bore wells should be closed by filling sand and water alternately.

Care should be taken not to install the machinery that are supposed to be erected or installed at lower elevations (below ground level) or in pits In the southwest corner.

In southwest corner one should not try to erect steel structures or columns from the pit and install machinery.

At southwest corner platforms of good heights can be constructed and machines can be installed on the raised platform at elevated level.

Vastu tips for open places on southwest

Lots of open spaces should not be left out in in south-west. As a matter of fact the buildings in southwest must more densely located as compared to northeast.

If more empty spaces are left out in southwest as compared to northeast, the factory is likely to face more and more of disputes and disruptions.

Similarly in any factory more open ground should not be left unused on the west as compared to east.

If it is constructed as above, it can affect the health and financial wealth of the owner/ proprietor.

Likewise on south side more empty or vacant land should not be left out, unused as compared to north.

Vastu tips for Buildings on East & North

Whenever factory buildings are constructed, care should be taken not to construct buildings on east and North sides of plot.

In case such constructions are done, the east & north portions of the plot will be heavily loaded and the factory shall face many problems.

Similarly the buildings should not be constructed in Northeast portion of the plot or southeast or northwest. These should not be heavy.

Vastu Tips for Virgin / New Buildings

In the factory, buildings constructed in southwest, their floor level should be elevated with respect to all other buildings within the factory.

Likewise all floors like first, second and other floors must be built higher than all other buildings.

It is excellent If overhead tank for water storage is built on Southwest corner building. It should be ensured that at least two to three feet empty space is left between water tank base & roof floor.